Understanding His Way Ministries

Understanding His Way Ministries is multifaceted; however, our primary purpose is to provide biblically balanced studies that will lead Christians into a Spirit-filled, victorious Christian life. Such teaching would not have been unusual fifty years ago, but today it is absent from many church pulpits, Christian radio, television and bookstores. It is essential.

You have probably read books by those saints who have gone on to heaven whose writings describe how needy we are for the Spirit-filled, victorious Christian life. After reading these books, you hunger for it…but they may leave you unsure how to have it.  A lot of the “how to’s” on this victorious life are left unexplained and your heart’s cry is “How can I have a victorious Christian life?” Having this same heart cry and realizing the need for biblical balance and a victorious Christian walk is what has prompted Understanding His Way Ministries.

Besides biblically balanced teaching on the Spirit-filled life, as well as other doctrinal areas, there is a dire need for teaching on true biblical salvation, revival, church founding and discipleship.

UHWM will appeal to those who are disturbed about what is lacking in their lives—those who hunger for a biblically balanced, Spirit-filled, victorious Christian life.