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Unable to Forgive Yourself?

Perhaps you have applied God’s grace to yourself and experienced that love and power which has delivered you from all roots of bitterness toward someone. You have put on a disposition of forgiveness, even toward those who will not repent or receive your forgiveness, but somehow you cannot forgive yourself and subconsciously are demanding some punishment of yourself.

Sometimes it is more difficult to receive forgiveness that to grant it. We feel we deserve to suffer because of what we’ve done. But, to bear our burden and take our penalty was part of our Saviour’s ministry on the Cross.

When we belong to Him, we can leave our shame and punishment with Him. This is part of God’s grace. This is part of the unmerited privilege that is ours when we are in His grace. Only when we realize that God truly desires us to receive all He freely offers can we avail ourselves of His unfathomable love and grace.

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A Life Entirely of Grace

The Christian life is one entirely of grace! The moment we forget this, we become prey to the flesh. If we try to rationalize what the flesh has done, we only sink deeper into condemnation. If we try to recondition the flesh in some way or dress it up, we are still under condemnation. When we simply choose to abandon the flesh with its sin by repentance, we find we are fully forgiven and in the experience of our new man in Christ. We are free to live in peace, through grace, with God.

The key phrase is “through grace.” Grace is our only claim to righteousness. Grace can be our only reasonable explanation for any goodness. Repentance of sins and salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is the only Gospel message.

Why shouldn’t we condemn ourselves? Because God does not condemn us.

Why shouldn’t we punish ourselves? Because God’s grace and mercy has taken care of our punishment.

Why shouldn’t we hate ourselves? Because God does not hate us; He loves us.

Why should we forgive ourselves? Because God has forgiven us.

Our testimony can never be “I’ve arrived” or “I could never do something like that.” Our testimony can only be “By God’s grace….” It is only by God’s grace that we are even granted repentance. We cannot brag on our repentance for this came by the unfathomable love and grace of God Who granted it to us.

We need to rejoice in God’s unfathomable grace. By it and in it, we live the new life and are the new man in Jesus Christ. One day, we shall ascend by wings of faith, carried by grace to live forever free from the presence of flesh. By God’s unfathomable grace, we will live forever with Jacob the “usurper;” King David, the murderer; Peter, who denied Christ; and even Moses, God’s faithful servant with whom God spoke “face to face” but who once so failed to sanctify God that God refused him entrance into Canaan. We will eternally fellowship one with another and all because of grace, all because of God’s unfathomable love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

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