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Messages on the Cross Have Nearly Disappeared

Messages on the true continuing work of the cross in the believer’s life have nearly disappeared.

No longer are messages heard on how a Christian is to die to live moment‑by‑moment in Christ. The life blood of the gospel is Jesus on the cross as our substitute and our identification in His death and resurrection. As Christians, we identify with Him experientially if we are to live experientially by Him. Our old man is dead with Christ positionally, and now we must by faith reckon ourselves dead to sin, moment‑by‑moment, experientially. (See Romans 6:6, 11 and 13)

Why don’t we hear sermons on the crucified life? Why don’t we hear sermons on how Christians are to put away works of the flesh in everyday life that we might live by the power of the Spirit? When did these messages on the crucified life become lost?

Today’s sermons may bring twelve steps or a new focus. Ministers seem to believe they must come up with another unusual or vivid way to package ethical principles for creating better Christian conduct. Beloved, the power of Christ is as simple as it is old. It is simply Christ and Him crucified and us with Him in our daily life.

It is time true believers cried out for ministers and churches to return to biblical gospel messages that feed their hearts and bless their souls.



Biblical Church—What is it?

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We will begin by first saying what we are referring to as a biblical church, as it exists on this earth today, will never be a perfect church. The perfect church awaits the heavenly perfect age. But, it is a church that does aspire to be perfect.

With each year, we can see the apostate church increasing. The truth of the Bible is denied or perverted, heresy reigns and sin abounds. We know that God’s Word tells us ungodliness and apostasy will abound. But, this does not mean our spirits aren’t grieved and our hearts hurt because of the condition of this last days’ apostasy and the rebellion and wickedness of men’s hearts.

There is a famine in the land today for the Word of God, just as happened to Old Testament Israel. The Bible tells us of this. (Amos 8:11-12; II Tim. 4:3-4) True believers increasingly find themselves starved for the Word of God. They are becoming more and more famished for it—thirsty in a dry land.

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