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What Effect Does Abiding in Christ Have on Your Prayers?

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In order for us to pray in the name of Jesus, it is necessary that we abide in Jesus and that His Words abide in us.

What then does it mean to abide in Christ? In John 15, Jesus compares Himself to a vine and His disciples to the branches of the vine. Some branches continued in the vine; they remained in living union with the vine. This means the sap or life from the vine constantly flows into these branches; they have no independent life of their own. Everything in them is simply the outcome of the life of the vine flowing into them.

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There are so many excellent books on faith written by precious old saints who have gone to be with the Lord. Our books on Faith would pale in obscurity to the light of faith revealed through the lives of these men and women, through their testimony, example, and writings. After reading the lives and writings of men like Hudson Taylor, George Mueller, Andrew Murray, and many more—what would someone, such as I, have to say to you? Continue reading