Victorious Spirit-Filled Christian Life

Truly born again believers always have this question, “How can I have a victorious Christian life?” To help toward answering this, I wanted to share a portion of our booklet, “Dead unto Sin  Alive unto God.” This booklet deals with the vital subject of a Christian’s abiding life in Christ, the victorious Christian life, which requires Faith–and an accurate scriptural balance.  What does God tell us in His Word about how to live victoriously in Him?

Many excellent books have been written on this subject by tried and proven saints throughout church history. The greatest book, of course, is the Bible itself, especially the New Testament epistles. The powerful thesis in Romans 6-8, written by the apostle Paul, stands as one of the most vital teachings for believers desiring a victorious Christian life. After we are born again, what could be more important than learning how to have this life?

“The apostle Paul, writing under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, describes the victorious Spirit-filled Christian life in Romans 6-8. In these chapters, he tells us how we, as believers, are to walk in Christ’s strength and not our own. In Romans 7, Paul describes how a person, probably himself, struggled in his Christian walk and was defeated. This defeat occurred through his trying to live the Christian life by obeying God’s law in his own strength.

We, as believers, have a legacy left to us over the past two hundred years, by some devoted and anointed Christian authors. These saints preached and lived what they wrote. Their works are highly devotional and inspiring; they encourage the child of God to pursue Christ wholeheartedly and to abide in Him as the branch abides in the vine. In their books, the common thread is how we, as believers, are insufficient in ourselves and how Christ in us is all sufficient.

Their books often describe their own plight of defeat. They tell how they struggled in the power of the flesh to serve God and fulfill their ministry. They tell of their “burn out” and frustration. Like Paul, they describe how they also reached their hour of desperation and became desperate for God. As they came to this desperate place in their Christian life and ministry, they realized that all of their strength, efforts and ministries only brought them to a fleshly conclusion. They tell how, in this hour of discouragement and hopeless despair, they turned to God in an abandoned dependency. Their confession was a total insufficiency in their own ability to live the Christian life or succeed in ministry.

Realizing it was futile to go on in their own power, they, in total abandonment and faith, cried out to God. With this, they came to realize that just as God had saved them, He wanted to sanctify them. Just as they had been saved by grace through faith alone, they must live their Christian life and perform their Christian ministry.
As God brought them to a walk of peace and abiding rest in Christ, the Holy Spirit filled and infused them with His power. That which they once attempted to attain through a struggle which only ended in defeat, now through an absolute rest and dependency upon God’s power, they attained through Christ who gave them the victory. Their Christian endeavor, both in life and ministry, became simply to abide and rest in Christ. They learned by faith to depend on the indwelling Holy Spirit to empower them.

Their writings and preaching in their later years encouraged other struggling Christians to come to this same abiding rest which they themselves had attained. In doing this, the sound authors always addressed two parts: God’s and the Christian’s. The heavy emphasis is the Christian’s identification with Christ’s suffering, crucifixion, resurrection and power. The focus is on who we are in Christ, both theologically and practically.”

What do you think? Have you experienced any of this? Do you hunger for answers as to how to walk victoriously while on this earth?

Dead Unto Sin Alive Unto God

Dead Unto Sin Alive Unto God by Don Imgrund is available for purchase on Amazon


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